The homeless cat started cuddling a passerby, but she was unable to bring him home.

The choice to adopt a cat from a shelter was taken by a married couple, who then went to choose their new companion.

A large cat caught the girl’s interest as she began to move about and followed her around while gazing at her intently.

When the staff unlocked the cage, the cat sprinted out and sprang into the girl’s arms, nuzzling her snout in the collar and refused to let her go. She wanted to stroke the cat.

I seldom stayed at a shelter with a cat for a full month. He was given back by his previous owners because they said he did not get along with the family’s other pets or the house.

The girl called him Sticky because she had a propensity to stick to people. Since she already had a cat at home that wouldn’t get along with him, she was sadly unable to adopt him.

She started seeking for acceptable owners for him since she couldn’t help but worry about his future. Sticky, on the other hand, quickly found a family thanks to her social media efforts.

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