Patient dog helped her mother save several puppies that needed assistance.

Killo, the adorable dog, was malnourished and lived in an outdated yard. Her sole aim was to have pups. In the end, Killo was placed in a shelter in California. There, she met Sarah, a volunteer.

At the time, Sarah owned three dogs and had no intention of getting another. However, there was something about Killo that made her feel something. No matter how hard she worked with her, Killo just couldn’t gather the confidence to persuade potential adopters.

Sarah will learn that Killo is more than simply a kind addition to her group. She quickly adopted a tiny puppy in need of nursing care after arrival.

Until Sarah tried to put her bottle on Killo’s tummy, the puppy kept refusing it. Killo had identified her real calling. To this day, Killo and Penny are still inseparable friends.

Killo has now helped Sarah raise almost 200 puppies, knowing that Penny would always come first in her heart.

What a wonderful and helpful dog, yes? Hopefully, no more dogs will experience complications.

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