Your day will be made better by this story about a large dog who adopts all of the small stray kittens.

A dog that has been adopted can comprehend what it’s like to be abandoned before finding a loving and caring household better than anybody. The sweetest and most uplifting thing you’ll ever see was the dog’s reaction when her owner took in stray kittens.

She took them in as though they were her own kittens. Definitely a maternal instinct. It’s funny because as soon as I gave her the supplies, she said, “Let me help them.” These are her descendants.

When I let her out, she would run around inspecting, cleaning, and sniffing them. Doggy takes his job extremely seriously. She will protect them, block other dogs from them, and put herself in their way.

She immediately offered to help when her human saw an online post about three kittens that required a 24-hour bottle. It seemed as though the dog had actually given birth to the kittens because of how loving and natural-looking her response was.

She cleans them whenever she has a chance and maintains a continuous check on them. When she goes over to feed her own humans.