After “adopting” a cat, she makes a rescue rabbit her best friend.

Nila and Hisoka hit it off right away. The 5-year-old rescued rabbit and the 12-week-old kitten spend the majority of their time together.

Hisoka had her own feline siblings, but she preferred to cuddle with her closest rabbit friend above her own feline brothers.

“We felt having siblings would be fantastic for Hisoka and they’d be together, and it would all be nice,” Nila and Hisoka’s mother Alina said to The Dodo.

Instead, she developed a relationship with Nila and chose the bunny above her own adoptive siblings.

When they weren’t watching TV with Alina, they spent much of their time hugging. According to Alina, Nila only wanted to cuddle up to her husband, myself, and Hisoka. She declared, “We just live in Nila’s universe.

Sadly, Nila died at the beginning of July. Hisoka still using the bed they once shared, keeping the memories of their unique love alive.

Alina said that they regularly cuddled and shared a bed.

He turns out to be happy about this relationship. Alina confirmed that they fulfilled their life. “Seeing them together, makes us happy”.

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