This puppy will definitely capture your hearts because of the way he resembles a teddy bear.

Introducing Bear, the well-known dog now sweeping social media. Undoubtedly, we have already seen a lot of adorable dogs.

Its teddy bear-like look, which usually causes people to mistake it for a stuffed animal, is what distinguishes this hairy ball, though.
His age is six.

Because of his unusually fluffy fur and chubby appearance, he is frequently compared to a cuddly teddy bear. His is a northern Chinese dog breed known by its extraordinarily thick double coat.

At the neck, where the fur is particularly dense, it resembles a mane. Every youngster or adult would love to receive a hug from him when he returns home from work or school.

His owners upload photos and videos of him to Instagram. The goal is to make people aware that, just as with all dog breeds, how well humans socialize with and treat them is what matters.

If you’re still not persuaded, use this fluffy puppy to persuade you that dogs are the cutest pets conceivable.

Would you wish to own a dog as wonderful as that?

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