A Woman Adopts A Shelter Dog Who Kept Getting Returned And Learns That She’s No Ordinary Dog.

Dogs have a lot of energy when they are young because they are still growing and maturing. Furthermore, dogs often start behaving improperly or participating in harmful behavior when this energy is not properly channeled.

Penny, one of these pups, was only 10 weeks old when she was rescued from the streets and placed in a shelter. She was often sent back to the shelter because to her disruptive behavior, so it didn’t take long for her to find herself hopping swiftly from one household to the next.

Penny was in dire need of a companion who would spend the time to provide her the essential mental stimulation. She discovered the perfect friend in Leonora Anzaldua, a woman who fell hopelessly in love with her at first sight and ultimately adopted her as her own daughter.

Leonora decided to give Penny a mental challenge since she needed one. She began by teaching Penny how to stand up by herself. After just three tries, Penny was able to perfect the technique. By the time Penny was 8 months old, she had mastered all of the common dog tricks.

Leonora decided to take things a step further and determine if it’s feasible for a dog to possess the same degree of mental capacity as a young kid.

She started by utilizing blocks as a teaching aid to show Penny how to distinguish between various shapes. Penny finished her geometry course in record time.

Because of how quickly Penny was taking up new material, Leonora decided to push Penny’s cognitive abilities to see if she could learn even more. After buying some letter blocks, she went out and started teaching Penny the alphabet.

Amazingly, Penny understood this as well, and she can even correctly spell her own name! It’s amazing to hear that.

Leonora recorded Penny’s effort to spell her own name, and then aired the video to the whole world. The funniest part of this video is when Penny focuses on the letter “Y” for a while before going on to the next part of the word.

The video included below shows Penny, a highly intelligent girl, spelling her own name.

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