A wombat sits at the rescuer’s feet every morning for the sweetest reason.

Diana is never alone by herself. She always has a little friend nearby, ready to keep her company. Issyl, as she is known, is a rescue. Diana established a shelter for wombats unable to survive on their own.

Issyl was first spotted by the animal lover three months ago. They are one of several species that have found it very challenging to survive in recent years owing to climate change.

Diana saw right away that the small wombat needed her help. At the sanctuary, Issyl felt secure and bonded with Diana right away, wanting to accompany her everywhere.

As a result, she devised a strategy. Issyl is currently waiting patiently each morning at Diana’s feet until it is time for their stroll.

Wombats usually don’t like people, but when Diana showed up at the refuge, Issyl discovered that she was composed and ready to accept her help.

Issyl most likely likes the carrier because it reminds her of how comfortable her mother was.

The baby wombat continued her life at the shelter, so she will not have any troubles anymore.

She is content to find a permanent home, where she’s feeling happy and safe.

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