A pregnant dog who was saved delivers “little cows”.

Pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful stages, yet it also presents a number of difficulties. Undoubtedly, animals too go through the same process! The dog in our story, fortunately, was found on the street by nice people who quickly took steps to protect her welfare.

When Rose, a female dog, came at Shelter, a volunteer organization committed to saving dogs of her breed, she was well along in her pregnancy. The volunteers were thrilled to have found a puppy that will need their help shortly.

Kindhearted dog lovers Katia and Joshua Black welcomed Rose home in preparation of the big day. Since they initially began adopting dogs, Katia and Joshua have cared for more than 20 creatures.

This time, they were looking forward to Rose’s pups. Rose had an exceptionally large tummy, and the couple was carrying many children.

They had no idea what would transpire after Rose gave birth, though.

Things like this never happened. Rose gave a birth to the 4 puppies, who don’t have any similarities with their mother. They resemble the cows.

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