When a horse starts giving birth to a “miracle” second foal, a couple is shocked.

Treliver D’Aquitaine (also known as Daisy), who was pregnant, was eagerly anticipated by Jenni and Guy. When they were summoned to the stables, the mare was 7 days past due. They arrived in a flash to assist Daisy in giving birth to Don Quixote, a magnificent palomino colt.

Although they noted that he was quite little for such a large mother (Daisy is just under 18hh), they were nevertheless in awe of his beauty.

They were startled when they unexpectedly saw Daisy’s afterbirth while they waited for the tiny foal to rise. When Jenni went over to Daisy, she immediately felt something out of the ordinary—a set of feet. Again, Daisy was having contractions.

“When Guy returned to the stables, I instructed him to remove the second foal as soon as possible, and with me catching her, our hearts stopped watching to see if the second foal would be alive—and she was! She was inhaling.

The second foal was born breech, but she quickly developed the need to stand up as her brother had recently done. Duet was her given name. She was a warrior who wanted to stand up immediately and was prepared to drink once she did.

Since Duet wasn’t as strong as her brother, they watched after her the first several days to make sure she was getting enough milk. Two twin foals were a miracle because there is very little data on twins surviving.

The two foals ventured outside of their stall with their mother for the first time a few weeks later. “They weren’t out for very long, but every day we increased their time out, and now they go out with other mares and their foals, and the twins

stick together like glue – when a new mare comes near they run to Daisy who has a very big presence in the paddock and nobody bothers her babies,” the owner said.

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