This family that looks for and cares for this cat with crooked legs and adorable ears enjoys cuddling with him.

A little kitten with bear ears and unsteady front legs visited the shelter at the beginning of January in search of the right home.

As the shelter’s volunteers, Melania and her husband focused on helping the adorable kitten they called “Kiwi,” who quickly caught the eye of her adoptive parents.

Kiwi began physical therapy many times a day to help his legs recover. The volunteers say he has a warm compress on his hands. They are then massaged and stretched to relax tendons in an effort to repair developing joints.

Weekly braces will be applied to Kiwi, who is really courageous in the face of these challenges and doesn’t seem to think she is any different, to aid with her mobility range.

Melania and her husband have taken care of their senior cat, Cherry, since he was a kitten. Cherry immediately went up to the small girl and, like a good big brother, kept her neat while continually ministering to his needs.

This cat serves as a nice reminder that we are flawless in our ways.

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