People’s Hearts Were Touched By A Dog Who Never Left The Cemetery With His Owner After He Passed Away.

In the Argentinan region of Rio Negro, Bobby the dog made the decision to remain there three years ago. He seems to have suffered greatly from losing his devoted master, but the dog shows that not even death can separate him from him.

He has been the gravedigger Daniel Cisterna’s best friend, comrade, and defender ever then, spending every day with him.

Rio Negro heard Daniel explain:It hasn’t left the cemetery since its owner passed away three years ago. He remained since he was interred here alongside his beloved.

Bobby owns a little cemetery house of his own. Since he had already arrived at the funeral of the most important person in his life, he decided to stay with the staff. After several days had gone, his family started seeking for him, but Bobby stayed at his best friend’s grave.

Daniel said the following:The puppy was still idly standing next to his owner’s grave and would not go. Despite being loaded into a truck, he managed to get off and find his master’s grave. He wants to be with his mistress and does not want to leave her.

His family decided to retain the puppy despite their best attempts since it was what he most wanted.The gravedigger thinks Bobby’s dedication, faithfulness, and unconditional love have made an everlasting effect on him even if there are more canines at the cemetery.

Daniel went on to say:“I was amazed by his loyalty and dedication to his master; it was something I had never seen before.”Bobby has accompanied Daniel to perform all of his chores since he arrived in the cemetery as a result of their fantastic friendship.

Bobby stays by his side all the time, just as any good friend would, whether he needs to bury, visit the cemetery, or fix some graves. Whenever he hears Daniel’s motorcycle, he goes to the door to greet him, and when Daniel leaves, he escorts him back to his house.

The fact that Bobby has created a persona who affects people when it comes to funerals is what is most frightening about him.When Daniel conducts a funeral, the dog sits with the distraught family and doesn’t move during the service.

Daniel remarked,It seems as though he is conscious of your sorrow.The dog’s gesture moves others, who ask about him, pet him, and he gradually develops into a sort of emotional therapist.

The people are shocked by the puppy’s loyalty to its owner when Daniel explains the puppy’s emotional history to them.

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