Homeless dog follows people on the street in the hopes that someone would notice him.

Those pets that are without a family are the ones who are in desperate need of one. One of the stray dogs that had been wandering the streets of Romania for a significant amount of time was named Buzu. During this period, he was by himself, and no one paid any attention to him.

Howl of a Dog eventually became aware of him and realized that he was attempting to get the attention of others by following them about.

Since nobody looked after him, he had been living there for more than a year and was doing his best to locate a family for himself. Unfortunately, nobody took care of him.

When the people who had rescued Buzu came back to assist him, they discovered that someone had removed the cushion from the cardboard dog home that he had been living in. Living on the street must be very difficult for him.

It was discovered that he had skin difficulties, an ear infection, and his teeth were damaged as a result of the bad diet that he had been eating, so he was sent to the shelter.

After some time had passed, it seemed that good news had come for Buzu. A family in the United Kingdom made the decision to adopt him, where he was kept company by Emma and another dog that was a member of their family.

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