This couple converted a sprinter van into a tiny house that they travel around Canada in while providing care for pets.

In 2021, the couple invested roughly $25,000 in a vehicle. The couple decided to live and travel in a van. The two once lived in a van while traveling through New Zealand.

They decided to buy their own van and move permanently there after that, in part because of Toronto’s pricey housing market. Jack is the owner of a web design company.

Maggie works for this company. The pair has complete control over the creation of their own work schedule. Their van life has no impact on their business. Maggie and Jack regularly moved between Australia and Canada because they were natives of these countries.

The personal belongings of the couple have long ago been kept to a minimum. Despite the limited space, Jack and Maggie still want to support animal shelters.

Until the dogs are old enough to find a permanent home, they have decided to temporarily foster them.

To keep puppies busy, they often go hiking and strolling. Such a nice story!!!

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