Lovely Squirrel Family Spotted Building A Nest And Napping Together Outside Man’s Window

Life is full of surprise encounters and you will never know how far some simple stuff can lead you to go. When Ludwig C. Timm saw several twigs outside his bathroom window, he had no idea his next few months with be filled with that much joy.

It all started several months ago when Timm accidentally looked out and was amazed by what he saw. A family of squirrels was there, building a nest right on his windowsill. And for a wildlife photographer like Timm, such a scene was definitely a blessing from heaven.

“At first, we only noticed a few small twigs that were lying on the windowsill. We thought the wind had blown it there,” the German photographer recalled. “Then we saw the squirrels building.”

Needless to say, it was also a nice chance for him (and for us all) to get to know more about the interesting life of these adorable furry critters. So, Timm quickly decided to seize the opportunity and started filming their everyday life in the hope of capturing more delightful moments.

“It’s a very nice coincidence [that they chose that spot],” he continued. “We got to see the squirrels grow up.”
After documenting the cute squirrel family for months, one day, the man finally found the special moment that he had been longing for the whole time. Timm saw the three of them napping lovingly and cozily together, right next to his window door.

“It was very lucky for me to be able to take the picture of the sleeping squirrels,” Timm happily shared. “Normally they’re inside the nest, but it was hot that day, so they slept where I could see them.”

The photographer is still a little bit upset that he only had his phone in his hands and the whole scene was snapped through the glass so his picture isn’t very bright as he expected it to be.

But in the eyes of any animal lover, it is truly a masterpiece indeed.Please share this heartwarming story with your loved ones!

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