Kitten Curled Up On Her Rescuer’s Shoulder To Feel Safe

A little cat was wandering alone on a busy road when she was discovered by a guy who noticed her running beneath his car. After she was saved, the terrified cat crawled onto her rescuer’s shoulder and stood there, finally feeling safe.

After saving her off the road, the man wrote about her on a local Facebook page, and Holly Brookhouser, upon hearing the incident, decided to act. The woman is already well-known in her community for rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned animals.

It was the second anniversary of Marcelo, Holly’s adoptive son, therefore the day was very memorable. They were brought next to the feline to be examined before being taken to their new foster home.

“I saw the post about the cat and realized it may wind up in the wrong hands, so I chose to return to parenting, and on the day we were celebrating Marcelo’s second year at home with us, I thought, there’s no better way to mark the day than to save this kitty’s life.”

Holly stated:“Marcelo was overjoyed to be allowed to name the baby and thought long and hard about a huge name before naming it Appleseed!

She understands that Appleseed is just interested in taking care of her and that harry will ultimately require a nice home. Meanwhile, he’s assisting me in acclimating her to a household life full of good food and plenty of affection.”

Appleseed has a long journey ahead of her. She has to deal with the unpleasant stigma of being black, but Holly and her family are certain that she will find a place where she will be accepted.

She is very lively and naughty; the proper family will come soon, and her story will have a wonderful happy ending.

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