Heartwarming photos show a young deer enjoying fun with his “adopted” horse family.

On a farm, horses are brought out daily to graze in a meadow next to a forest. And every day a deer comes out of the forest to approach them. He adores playing with one horse and its foal as if they are his family.

The mare and her foal treat the deer with tremendous tenderness, as if they had accepted him into their family. Along with this bond, another horse also lavishes the deer with love.

These heartwarming pictures of the connection between deer and horses were captured by a photographer who routinely visited the pasture.

She said the horse fed and cared for the deer. He has been seen by alone for some time, and the horses have become his new family.

What happened to his mother is unknown to me. According to the photographer, they “adopted” him.They like playing together and appear to be approximately the same age.

Their closeness was attracting for the professional, so he was sure this is gonna be popular pic.

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