Dog Meets Donald Duck At Disney World, Cuddles Up To Him And Refuses To Move

If you think only kids enjoy going to Disney World and meeting the famous characters there, then you’re wrong. Apparently, our four-legged friends love it, too!

Nala the Golden Retriever has been Megan Leigh’s service dog for two years now. The pair have become the best friends in the time that they’ve been together. Everywhere Megan goes, Nala is there with her. But out of all the places they’ve been, there is one that has become their absolute favorite – Disney World.

“Nala and I have been to Disney more days than I can count,” Megan told The Dodo. “She has stepped foot (or paw) into a Disney park at least 50 separate times.”

While there are lots of activities they could do at Disney World, there is one in particular that Nala likes doing best – meeting the characters. Every single time she meets a new one, Megan could see how Nala’s face just lights up!

The dog mom loves seeing her best friend enjoying these special moments. To her, the look of pure happiness in Nala’s face is priceless.

On their recent trip, Nala and Megan got to meet Donald Duck. As soon as Nala saw the character, she became extra sweet and cuddly towards him!“The moment Nala walked up to meet Donald, crowds surrounded and watched in awe,” Megan said.

The mascot began petting her, and Nala just laid her head down on Donald’s lap, savoring every moment with him and refusing to move. The dog seemed to feel a certain calmness in Donald’s presence and gentle caresses.

While the dog was laying on his lap, the character put his hands on his face as if he was crying, showing that he was extremely touched by the pup’s sweet demeanor. As a response, Donald showered her with lots of kisses, and Nala happily returned the gesture.

Several people were waiting in line behind them, but they didn’t seem to mind one bit. The crowd couldn’t help but laugh and smile at how much Nala loved Donald, and they probably would have let her stay all day if she wanted to.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be possible for Megan and Nala to hang out with Donald all day. But before their trip ended, Megan made sure to take plenty of adorable photos of Donald and Nala together so they could always remember this visit.

Nala and Megan would be taking more Disney World trips in the coming years, which means that there will be more meet and greets with Donald in the future – for sure, Nala couldn’t wait for the next time she gets to cuddle with him again!

Watch the video below to see Nala adorably cuddling up to Donald Duck.

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