Mother cat found a little dog and started taking care of it together with her babies.

Although a lot of people think that cats and dogs can’t talk to one another, this isn’t always true. Along with being nice and sympathetic, they may also be cooperative and friendly.

Nearly simultaneously, a dog and a cat gave birth, and when the dog left, the owner of the kitty chose to bring the kitten to the mother cat.

The dog was still pretty young, having just lately been born. The cat’s owner took him over to the cardboard box where the mother cat and her young kittens were sleeping while wrapping him in a blanket.

Due to their inability to control their body temperature, puppies must spend their first few days with their mother. The woman did not put him in a box right away. The proprietor chose to give them some time to get to know one another instead.

The kitten immediately acted carefully. She started to smell the outsider without distraction. As a mother, she felt the need to let him stay with her babies.

This moment was touching, and the mom kitten kept carrying for all the babies regardless of the breed.

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