Meet Tola, the world’s smallest dog, whose charm will charm anybody.

This adorable canine is already well-known online. As seen in his images, he is well known for being the tiniest puppy among other things. Tola’s birth is a natural miracle since it happens so infrequently.

No animal lover could possibly dispute this tiny creature’s extreme sweetness. You can tell why it’s little and like an apple by looking at the frames. The dog’s owner goes by the name of Monica.

She claims that since obtaining this amusing creature, her friends have been stopping by regularly, and she now realizes that the dog deserves more credit than she does. Is he not cute? He is six centimeters tall and a little over two months old.

The puppy grows normally. He doesn’t eat much which is okay if we consider his sizes. Every member from the family tries to move carefully for not to harm the small puppy. Despite everything, he is the cutest pet everyone knows.

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