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We always wish to thank the wonderful volunteers here at SmallJoys. Whether they are working to aid a lonely neighbor, rescue a beached Orca whale, or other outstanding charity work, we always adore and appreciate them for the job that they do.

The job that volunteers do is really remarkable, and as a result, they make the world a better place for everyone. Meet the hardworking volunteers that make up the “Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project,” a charitable organization with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. They sacrifice their time, energy, and love in addition to their money and resources in order to assist in the rescue of stray dogs in their town.

Unsurprisingly, Houston has a significant issue with the population of stray animals, most notably dogs. Since they began their efforts a few years ago, the organization has saved more than 864 dogs from only the 5th Ward by alone.

It is unfortunate that the reason for the high number of strays in Houston is unclear; the problem might be caused by wild creatures or simply by individuals not caring for their pets. The Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project has provided food for a large number of canines, and now they are making every effort to ensure that these dogs will be able to live. In all honesty, a fantastic bunch.

The strays that they are able to get off the streets are eventually placed in homes where they are loved unconditionally and where they may have full and happy lives. No more sleeping on the sidewalk and shivering in the rain while chasing after those dogs in an attempt to feed them.

Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project is a no-kill rescue organization, which means that they will do all in their power to find a forever home for every dog in their care, regardless of how long it may take.

They are also quite strict about the kinds of homes the dogs go to, to ensure that the dogs have a chance at a happy life with a family that cares for them.

This is a tale of a volunteer who came across a stray puppy and the incredible shot that she took of him. The photograph was successful in encapsulating the essence of an issue that is all too true for far too many pets. Being outdoors, without shelter, exposed to the elements, and by yourself. The photos quickly spread around the internet when animal advocates saw it and were moved to tears by what they saw.

Many people who care deeply for animals were moved to tears by this image. A dog dozing next to a plush teddy bear that is somewhat soiled but still comfortable. It seems as if the dog is nearly snuggling up next to it as it sleeps.

The volunteers of Forgotten Canines of the 5th Ward are all too familiar with the heartbreaking sight of dogs shivering and dozing off in the harsh elements outdoors on their own. During that time period, the volunteers were out feeding the strays and attempting to capture a few of them in order to bring them back to the rescue center, where they would eventually be placed in a loving and permanent home.

When one of the volunteers came upon this dog dozing, they wanted to capture the moment with a photograph. She was well aware that seeing the issue presented in such a compelling manner would strike fear into the hearts of a great number of people who like animals.

They were unable to capture the dog, which is a terrible shame due to the fact that their vehicle was already crammed full with canines that needed to be transported to the rescue facility. As a result, they came to the conclusion that it would be best to hurry and leave the dogs behind and then return later to wake up the dog that was sleeping.

Unfortunately, by the time they returned, both the real dog and the plush animal had already vanished.However, the volunteers did talk to Calvin, an elderly resident of the neighborhood who was 89 years old. Calvin lied to the volunteers and said that he was the dog’s owner, but the animal was notorious for breaking free and returning to its former life on the streets. It has not been possible for him to locate the dog at this time.

Additionally, Calvin has been exerting his efforts to assist the stray dogs in the 5th Ward on his own. Providing food and care for the many dogs who came to visit. Unfortunately, this dog was able to get free and run away, and his owner has been looking for him ever since.

The volunteers made an offer to assist Calvin with the price of the veterinary care, which included neutering his canines. Calvin felt a deep sense of gratitude for the assistance. It’s really heartwarming to see animal advocates cooperating with one another!

It is unfortunate that at this point in time this story does not have a happy ending, but the volunteers are continuing their efforts to locate the dog that was found sleeping, as well as any other dogs that are currently without homes, and to find them the homes that they deserve to call their own permanently.

The dog in the image is regrettably only one of many thousands, and charitable organizations will continue their efforts to ensure that one day all dogs will be able to find homes where they may live out their lives in peace and safety.

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