A cat that identified a kitten as his own and adored him to no end.

Lea, a cat, was delivered to the shelter in poor condition. She had received care and love. Lea was ecstatic to be full and couldn’t bear to think about going without food once more.

As she put on weight, she had a keen interest in everything and anticipated meeting new people.

Pollar was instantly interested in the new kitten and gave her as thorough of an examination as was permitted for the first 14 days because she had to be left alone.

Lea was getting more and more excited to hang out with her feline friends. When Lea had fully recovered, Pollar, who had anticipated a formal introduction, met her for the first time.

The cat’s encouragement inspired the kitten to start washing her ears as the correct thing to do. Pollar is particularly concerned about his mother’s duties.

She can now fit beneath lengthy legs, allowing him to saunter straight over her highest point while softly springing for her.

When Lea is with dearest Pollar, she is delighted at all times. She lies down contentedly because she is adored.

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