Puppy Is Planted On The Day Of His Adoption, Went Viral And Found A Home

Vicente, the gorgeous dog, was dressed up in his gala costume and ready to meet his new family, but he was abandoned on the day of his adoption. His tale went popular on social media, and everything changed for the better when he got his permanent home.

According to MILENIO.COM, Vicente was in the care of the Rescátame Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Bogotá, Colombia, that provides care and shelter to dogs in the hopes of finding them a permanent home.

People instantly reacted to the puppy’s plight on the internet, with many expressing their displeasure with the scenario by sharing the organization’s post.

As a result, the story went viral, and a family saw the adorable puppy’s photos and chose to give him a permanent home.

Vicente was able to find a family to adopt him within hours after the first publication, according to the charity.They posted beside a photo of the pooch and his new family:

“We never imagined her story would travel this far, thanks to everyone involved.” We’d like to inform you that Vicente has been adopted by a wonderful family. More than 40 cuddly ones are still looking for a home at the foundation.

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