Mandee was living outside at a trailer park where some kind people were feeding her and her older babies.

Mandee was living outside at a trailer park where some kind people were feeding her and her older babies. She’s thought to be an abandoned domestic cat as she’s not scrappy, just very scared. She was trapped 6 weeks ago and has been patiently waiting for a foster home.

I don’t usually foster adult strays/semi-ferals as they give off a particular pheromone that really freaks out Milo. The second photo is him hiding under my bedside table. Very unusual behaviour for him. He’s normally so relaxed and easy going, and is always in the living room with us. But the living room is close to the foster room and he can smell her.
Milo isn’t bothered by kittens or moms and babies in the foster room. I was holding out for babies but there just aren’t any around. So I’ll see how it goes with Mandee. At the very least I can offer her a break from being in a kennel for a short time

Miss Mia’s return has kinda stolen the show the past couple days! But Mandee is still here, and she is slowly progressing.
The first couple days I left the crate in the foster room as her safe place, and allowed her to come out in her own time. On Sunday she moved into the cubby and I took the crate away. The past couple of days she has been sitting in the open on the cat tree, looking out the window.

So we’ve progressed to touching, but I’m quite certain I enjoy it more than she does 😕 @whiskersnpurrs said.Progress is so slow with Mandee, but at least she didn’t hiss at me today. I would have hissed at someone talking at me with such an annoying voice

Good morning .Mandee is looking quite comfortable this morning. Normally she hides her face away in the cubby. And she didn’t hiss when I gave her treats. Maybe she is starting to think I’m not so bad?!

Gorgeous Mandee has been with us for exactly a month today and she has come so far! Look at her all chilled out up on the @catastrophicreations wall. Isn’t her striped tail fabulous?!
She is still not quite ready for adoption though. She’s getting quite comfortable with me petting her while she’s in the safety of her tower, but she is still very nervous when she’s on the floor. If I enter the room and she’s not in her tower she panics.

I feel like she is a bit lonely and would benefit from some company. The ginger boys ran in to her room by accident today and before I could get them out Mandee jumped down to say hello to them. It was the most excited that I have ever seen her. I allowed them to play for a while because it was just so nice to see her having fun and being relaxed.

Mandy is doing great! She’s upstairs in my master suite, living the pampered life. As you can see she really loves her snuggles, and is totally relaxed with me. She starts to purr even before I touch her and then when I do start petting, she rolls over onto her side and makes biscuits. Remember when scritches weren’t even on the menu? Now they are her favourite dish!

Petting still only takes place when she’s in her favourite safe spot. She lays on the bed when I’m not in the room but as soon as I open the door she will run under the bench. Before she is ready for adoption I really need her to be at the point where I can approach her anywhere, or have her come to me for attention.

Mandy is loving being out in the big house. Just the past couple days she has started to allow petting out in the open. She’s still very timid and skittish, and will run back upstairs at the slightest noise. But it’s great progress. Oh, and she’s in love with Milo. Unfortunately it’s not reciprocated

I’m so proud of this pretty lady. She’s come so far. Mandee has been with us for 9 weeks now, and she’s ready to move on to her forever home .I can’t believe the change in her in the past week. She’s really turned a corner and become a curious, playful, friendly house cat. Swipe left to see a video from where she started.

I’m just working on her profile video now. I’ll be suggesting she go to a quiet home with no small children or dogs. The ideal home would be a retired person or couple who has lots of time to spend with her. And at least one other cat for her to bond with (she adores Milo!). If you’re local and interested in giving Mandee a loving home please email me

Beautiful Mandee is ready for her forever home. She was trapped as a stray and brought into foster care along with her 6 month old kittens. It is believed that she is around 1.5 years old and may have once been a domestic cat, but was abandoned outside. She was very scared and withdrawn at first, but never aggressive. During her time in foster care she has learned to trust humans and has really come out of her shell.

Mandee genuinely enjoys the affection of her foster mom. She loves being pet and purrs up a storm when cuddling. She has gained confidence being out and about in a house environment, and has become very playful and curious. She has shown great interest in being friends with other cats, and is friendly and approachable with them.

Mandee is still very cautious and shy with strangers, and prone to being easily startled. She has shown that she is willing to connect with people and in time, her new family will be able to develop the same bond with her as her foster mom did. But this will take some time and patience. Her ideal new family will understand this and be willing to go slowly, and work with her to transition to this new life as a domestic house cat.

The perfect home for Mandee would be a quiet, calm environment without a lot of noise and activity. She is not well suited for young children or dogs, but she would benefit greatly by having a cat friend who could help her adjust. She will require plenty of attention to continue her progress, so her ideal person would be home lots and have time to spend with her. If these needs are met, there is no doubt that Mandee will be become an affectionate, thriving domestic kitty 🐱 @whiskersnpurrs said.

Mandee had a visit today from potential adopters. She was scared, and hid under the bench. But she was very brave and allowed some petting. I’m hopeful. They were a really nice couple and are understanding of her needs. The best part – Mandee would have a boyfriend named Bradley who looks just like her @whiskersnpurrs said.

Mandee is still here and she’s doing great. She is with us in the main part of the house most of the time now, instead of hiding under the bench in the bedroom. I’ve had a couple adoption inquiries but no one has been the right fit yet. I’m holding out to find her the perfect home – she deserves it  @whiskersnpurrs said.

Mandee is doing fantastic! She’s such a good houseguest – we just love having her staying in the main house with us. She greets us when we come downstairs in the morning and flops at our feet for belly rubs. She’s always purring. I can pick her up without too much struggle, and she will even sit on my lap for short cuddles. Her favourite spot is lounging on the couch on the purple blanket or looking out at the garden.

She still really wants to be friends (well, maybe more than friends) with Milo. He tolerates her, even engages in awkward play occasionally. But he doesn’t snuggle up with her or groom her, which I think is more what Mandee has in mind.
I’m working on gathering content to make a new video and profile for her, as she has come so far since the original. Just need to find some time to finish that and get it posted so we can find her the perfect forever home ❤

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