Homeless Dog With A Package In His Mouth Becomes Hero And Is Given Lifeguard Collar

Dogs are those amazing creatures who make our lives a little easier and more enjoyable. One Thai stray dog was called a hero and awarded a lifeguard collar. Hopefully, he’ll get the happy home he deserves soon.

In Bangkok, stray dogs are commonplace. Because there are so many of them, the community has given them the title “yard terrier.” But nobody could have ever expected that a canine could be so intelligent.

This heartbreaking story took place in Bangkok, Thailand. As usual, a homeless dog was roaming through the streets, hoping to meet a kind person who would feed him. This dog was going around the streets and looking for anything to eat when he came across a trash can.

The dog approached and noticed the bundle among the trash. The dog most likely heard a squeaky sound that sounded like a kitten meowing to him. The dog managed to flee with the bundle in his mouth, grabbed it, and dragged it with him.

Nobody knows how long he was holding the package, but it eventually turned and headed toward one of the houses. He became to a halt in front of that house and barked.

The loud bang startled the residents of the house, who rushed inside. They were really taken aback by what they witnessed. A newborn infant with weak breathing was held in the bundle the dog was carrying close to him. The mother dialed 911, and an ambulance arrived to take the infant to the hospital, where he was kept in the intensive care unit.

The child is now in the hospital and on the mend, and the dog has been given the nickname Pugh and a lifeguard collar. The little baby would almost definitely have died if it hadn’t been for this dog.

For more information, while getting to know your dog’s mind, keep in mind that intelligence comes in numerous forms. Some dogs thrive at judging social situations, while others excel at acquiring words. And still, others excel at problem-solving – or your dog may have a wholly distinct cognitive skill.

What do you think about this intelligent and warmhearted dog? And let’s share this touching story with your community!

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