Seven orphaned puppies approach a mother cow begging to be breastfed

The scene of seven puppies who lost their mother next to a cow that feeds them, is touching the most sensitive chord of thousands of users of social networks.The animal world will never cease to surprise us, since they are beings of light, full of goodness, who only know how to love without distinction of any kind.

Just as it happened with a vaquita from India that left its owner surprised and moved with the way he reacted to seven helpless creatures.A mother’s love for every creature in need has no limits

The seven orphaned puppies approached the mother cow asking to be breastfed
puppies. The exemplary vaccine did not hesitate to adopt the role of surrogate mother for the litter of puppies that were crying out for a mommy.

She did not mind feeding them with her milk, even if they were not her children, nor of another totally different species.And it is that, such a gesture can only be seen in animals: disinterested creatures, who do not discriminate, treat everyone equally, and love and compassion can emanate exclusively from them.

How much we have to learn!The mother even allowed the babies to lie on her belly, devoted time to them and very patiently even let them play with her.

He did it only so that they would not feel lonely, and their state of sadness, helplessness and orphanhood would be more bearable.The events took place in Lingsugur, Raichur, India. Apparently, the entire litter managed to be born and survive, but sadly, their mother died in childbirth.

It was the farmer Hanumantha Saali, owner of the cow and the deceased dog, who said that he had no way to feed the little ones. If you used dirty or unsuitable containers, your life could be in danger due to lack of food. But as the days passed, something surprising and moving happened…

The cow became the surrogate mother of the seven orphaned cubs.Suddenly, one of the most cunning and hungry puppies, began to crawl slowly towards the cow that was resting lying on the ground.

With his little eyes of despair and infinite tenderness, he seemed to beg the huge animal to give him a little of his milk.But even more surprising was that the cow, as if knowing the drama of the whole litter, did not refuse him. On the contrary, relaxed and even happy, if possible, she allowed not only him, but all her little brothers, to take hold of her city to satiate themselves.

The generous vaquita never flinched and stayed for a long time without getting up to feed the whole hungry litter.She understood that they had gone through the most difficult moments as soon as they came into the world, so she would give them what they needed until they were left with their full bellies.

The video that Hanumantha recorded did not take long to go viral“Since then, the cow has been watching over the puppies as if they were her own, and has been feeding them regularly, allowing them to ‘do anything with her,’” the farmer recounted.

According to the owners of the village, located in Karnataka, in the south of the Indian country, the most beautiful mixed family was formed on their farm.The cow allows them to play with her, bite her tail and even curl up in her belly.

But when he gets up, the family is in charge of keeping the puppies away, since there is a risk that the cow will step on them by accident.The secretion that mammals develop and is used by their offspring to feed, turns out to be an essential nutrient in the first years of life of each animal, as well as it happens in human

s. When the little ones lose their mother, there is a risk that the newborn will die due to lack of food.But, this exemplary cow adopted the helpless puppies as her own avoiding a sad outcome. How much love!

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