Little cat from the shelter chose her owner herself, jumping into his arms

Do you think that it’s you who choose animals from the shelter to your liking?

Nothing of the kind – they choose you. A homeless pet immediately senses which person he should go to in order to find his destiny.

Yes, in some cases humans don’t have time to choose between pets. These affectionate animals make the task easier for their future owners and steal their hearts.

The man in the photo appears to be a very nice person. A little kitty named Luna immediately drew attention to him as soon as he entered an animal shelter.

Luna began to stare at the man, not looking away. He took her in his arms and began to caress her.

The cat purred softly, and then put her paw on the man’s hand as if to say; “I believe in you, take me.” The man and the cat looked into each other’s eyes and understood everything.

The man took the tiny baby home, and now there are two more happy creatures in the world.

Luna is a very affectionate kitty. She trusts her owner.

Let there be more such cases. We are sure that pets can’t make the wrong choice

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