Sweet Cat Comforts A Howling Chihuahua By Giving Him A Big Hug

If this past year has taught us anything, sometimes you just need a hug. And, apparently, this is also true for dogs because this howling Chihuahua is instantly comforted when his kitty friend gives him a big embrace.

The video starts with a little tan Chihuahua sitting on the bed. The adorable chi begins to howl. It’s actually impressively loud for such a tiny dog. Over and over the dog throws back his head, and like his ancestors the wolf, howls and howls and howls.

Is the dog anxious? Perhaps he hears a siren in the distance? Or, maybe he’s feeling lonely and just needs some attention? Whatever the reason, the dog’s loud howls are silenced by what happens next.

Suddenly, mid howl, a gray and white kitty pops onto the bed and wraps its furry little arms around the Chihuahua’s neck. The cat gives the chi the most adorable hug.

The sweetest thing is, the dog is instantly quiet. The adorable scene is caught on video. Perfectly timed, the dog and cat turn into their sweet faces directly toward the camera at just the perfect moment to capture their adorable expressions.

Their precious expressions seem to ask, “what are you looking at? All is well now.” The sweet relationship between the two friends is priceless and just proves how important hugs are.

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