A Dog Was Saved Timely By The Quick-Witted Act Of A Train Conductor!

He made the following announcement: “I apologize for the delay, but I couldn’t just run over the dog.”You are a true hero thank you for stopping the train to rescue the po.or dog you are a very caring man!

In many cases, the passengers on board are not able to arrive on time. The rare cause is that some dogs t lost on the tracks and they have to be taken away to ensure both them and the train be safe.

But the rescue is not always smooth. Sometimes sa.d results happen but the passengers don’t really feel clear.
A train conductor in Santiago, Chile didn’t think k.il.ling the dog on the tracks was a lucid decision. He wondered why he had to waste time waiting for authorities while he could stop and save it.

In the video, the man was brave to approach the pooch. The dog was scared and did not listen to his words. Therefore, he must approach carefully so as not to provoke the dog and will not be bitten.
With the help of another worker, the conductor could get hold of the dog’s neck skin and safely lift it off the tracks.

He returned to the train, explained, and apologized for the delay. However, there was no reprimand from the passengers but there was applause to praise him because he was a hero!

Thank you for stopping the train & rescuing the po.or wee dog not many people are kind & caring you’re very kind hearted & a hero

Now here is an example of a decent kind hearted man who has empathy for one of Gods creatures,God bless you and the little dog you saved ♥️♥️♥️

Watch the precious video below:

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