Wildlife Photographer Gets Mobbed By The Most Charming Meerkat Family

Nick Kleer, a wildlife photographer and conservationist from South Africa, has encountered lots of amazing wildlife throughout his career

However, he appears to have actually made a special connection with a team of charming and amusing meerkats.

On the Twitter post where he shared this interaction, he got an especially amusing comment claiming:

” When you’re a wildlife photographer, the concept is to blend in with your environment to ensure that you do not frighten the animals.”

There’s no question that Kreer was successful in his task, if blending in was the objective that is!

In the Funny video, Kleer is seen lying on the ground with his camera and a meerkat perched atop his head.

A large team of the cosy animals eventually surrounds the sneaky photographer. They seem entirely at ease and engage with him as if he were a part of the natural landscape.

They didn’t seem to be put off at all that a human was attacking their natural environment and are even seen using him as high ground to get a much better view of what’s around them.

Kleer has already had lots of encounters with the indigenous South African meerkats.

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