This Husky Raised By Cats Acts Like A Cat

Though cats and dogs might not be the most common animal friendship, that is exactly why one Redditor Dong_of_justice got a bit famous after he shared some pics of his cutest husky named Tally.

It is not an ordinary husky, the dog was “raised with cats, and thought she was.. cat herself. “ “Our cat dog would piss on our floors if we ever did something wrong as well.

She also had a knack for finding the best worst places to do it (i. e. carpets, rugs, etc.). She also sat like a cat, with her arms and legs tucked under herself.”

Actually, Tally is not completely a Siberian husky. According to her owner, ,” she’s husky/malamute/little bit of something else.

She looks and behaves more like a malamute (which are also a bit cat-like), but most people don’t know what they are so I go with “husky.”

Unfortunately, the redditor doesn’t provide any cat pictures in his album. “She was raised with cats by her previous owners, and they only gave me puppy pictures without the cats.

I can’t prove she was raised with them or that she truly thinks she’s a cat,” explains the funny husky’s owner.

Without further ado, “here is the official introduction of Tally aka Tao Tao (it means mischievous in Chinese), the very cat-like husky.”

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