Florida Deputy Wraps His Jacket Around The Little In.ju.red Dog Until Help Arrived!

We need more caring people in the world like this deputy.A police officer is responsible for looking after and protecting their community – including the people, animals, and plants.

Deputy Joshua Fiorelli is going viral due to a picture of him comforting a dog in distress doing the rounds on the internet these days. The deputy has received many compliments for his kindness and efforts.

After contacting animal control, he was the only one by the dog’s side. During waiting for them, he knew he had to do something extra special for the dog as she lay injured on the cold ground.

He wrapped a coat around the dog and petted her to make her feel better. It was a simple act of kindness, done without thought or consideration, but when it was randomly photographed by a passer, Fiorelli was praised as a God of kindness.

About the dog, she is currently at the Osceola County Animal Shelter where she is being cared for. She suffered a [dis.loca.ted] leg so she couldn’t move around too much but she is still able to wag her tail now and then. They are monitoring her condition and giving her pa.in me.dica.tion.

Fiorelli was hopeful that the dog will be reunited with her owners. But if no owner came to take the dog, she will be available for adoption once she is completely healed.

That’s an amazing story, there need to be more people like him out there. Deputy Fiorelli is such a kind person; he makes the world become a better place!

Thank you sir…! Sure you made a huge difference being there for that precious baby!! Hope he will be ok. God Bless You and the little dog!!