Brave Zookeeper Jumps Into Water And Saves Drowning Orangutan Using CPR

People go to zoos as they can see animals so close, but following the rules is very important to not let any bad things happen to the animals, writes thepetneeds

Sadly, some visitors to the Vinpearl Safari in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, just ignored “do not feed the animals” sign, and threw food at an orangutan, which led him to struggle in the water! Thankfully, there was a zookeeper so close and was able to save the orangutan’s life.

The animal tried to to get the food, that fell into the water, but he just was not able to grab it!

If the zookeeper did not act quickly, the ape might have passed away, as he was about to drown the water. The zookeeper started performing CPR to save the animal’s life, and it worked!

Thanks to the hero staff member, who was able to save the ape’s life with his quick thinking.


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