Man Finds A Stray Dog In His Car After Coming Back From The Store

A lot of people say that dogs are very smart animals. We can see proof of that quite often. Dogs often have a sense of situations and people, just like this dog, who picked the right car to sit in.

This pup decided to hang out in this man’s car while he went into the pharmacy. When the man returned, he found the adorable dog and was surprised: “He got into my car without any worries, sat on the seat and didn’t want to leave again,” he told Bored Panda.

The man, whose name is Rodrigo Coelho, decided to take the dog back to his house and try to search for his owners. Rodrigo himself has a few dogs, one of which was not that happy with the newcomer’s arrival.

Rodrigo has over 1 million followers on Facebook. His dogs are quite famous on the internet.In hopes of finding the owner, Rodrigo shared this unusual event on his social media accounts and the story went viral.

The first video of Thor has about 350k views on YouTube and the second one, over 160k. Both of them have a lot of comments, with people wishing good luck to Rodrigo and hoping that the dog would find his owners. Well, their wish came true!

Not long after, the dog’s owners contacted him and he gave back the dog, whose name was Thor! A fitting name for such a mighty doggo.

The owners were relieved to find their dog. Their names are Dayane and Maicon. They were both very thankful to Rodrigo for bringing back their family member.

Thor had run away from home, which was about 8 kilometers (about 5 miles) away, and thanks to Rodrigo, he is back safe and sound!

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