When an Alaskan man woke up, he saw a family of seven lynxes who hadn’t been invited.

The following morning, an Alaskan young guy found seven wild lynx on his doorstep, including moms and kittens. The homeowner says it’s not unusual to see wild animals below because his house is situated on the edge of a forest.

As a result, foxes, deer, and even bears frequent him. He even learned the art of discerning which animal was staring at him this time from the commotion.

The sounds this time was really strange, so Tim went outside onto the porch to see who came to him.

At first, he thought they were just stray cats in general. Two of the kittens gave the man absolutely no attention, however several of them behaved differently from regular cats.

Later, he learned that they were lynx cubs. The animal rushed so swiftly that he only managed to capture a fuzzy image of them when they were in the jungle.

But this time, the lynxes themselves turned to confront him. Before they all arrived and started to multiply, there were only two of them. By the way, the mother lynx waited for them in the woods before joining in on their antics.

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