Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain all his Life! He Grabbed the Woman’s Hand And Begged to Rescue Him

Nearly seven months have passed since Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine and started a war. In the meantime, millions of people have fled the war-torn country. Simultaneously, many pets have been abandoned.

According to images from the Love Furry Friends YouTube channel, he was chained and abandoned before being discovered by animal lovers.

In the video, two women make eye contact with the chained dog, whose body clearly shows that it has been a long time since he had a good meal.

They had brought him a can of food, which he threw himself on and couldn’t stop eating. His ribs can be seen protruding from his body. They also noted that his fur was damaged by the chain around his neck.

The dog, named Toby, was allowed to go to the vet where they did the necessary checks. They are now looking for a family for this adorable Ukrainian dog, and we are crossing our fingers that he will find a home!

Many pets have also accompanied their owners fleeing Ukraine, and in the spring the European Commission made it easier for pet owners to bring their four-legged friends to EU member states.

Several authorities, however, point out that the infection situation among pets in Ukraine differs significantly from that in the EU, particularly in terms of serious diseases such as rabies.

In Sweden, a country comparable to the Netherlands, it is actively involved. On its website, the Swedish Agriculture Council has carefully described the situation.

“At the moment there are exceptional rules for dogs and cats coming with their owners who have fled Ukraine. That means we assess on a case-by-case basis what measures are needed,” writes the Swedish Agriculture Council and continues:

“The assessments are mainly about the risk of the animal carrying rabies and how that risk should be managed so that public or animal health in Sweden is not endangered. “

We sincerely hope that this adorable little dog finds a new home as soon as possible! Please feel free to spread the word!
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