A Couple Of Doctors Rescue A Dog That Had Been Missing For Several Days In The Mountains Of Ireland, And They Deliver Her To Her Family

Both physicians, Jean Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan, have been addressing the catastrophe brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak. They decided to go for a stroll in the Lugnaquilla mountains in Wicklow, Ireland, on their day off last Saturday.

They came upon a tiny puppy that was agitated, freezing, and terrified to death as they approached the summit of a mountain.

The couple investigated and discovered Naoise, an eight-year-old Golden Retriever who had been missing for weeks.The dog was apparently lost on January 23 while on a family stroll through one of the area’s highest mountains.

They attempted to encourage her to walk, but she was so sick and cold that she couldn’t even bark, let alone move, according to the pair. Because the weather was bad at the time, they decided to wrap the dog in her extra clothing to keep her warm and feed her.

Ciara then strapped her puppy to her boyfriend’s back and began descending the mountain, although it was tough to transfer her in this manner. So they constructed a makeshift charger for it out of a scarf, which Ciara put back onto Jean’s back.

They walked for five hours and more than ten kilometers before they reached their parked car on the side of the road. They then drove her to her home, where they fed her, warmed her up, and provided her all the care she needed to recuperate; they were relieved to have saved her.

The physicians called a local animal rescue agency, and with their help, they were able to identify Naoise’s family. The family was relieved to have her back after a nightmare of 15 days without hearing from her pet.

After the emotional reunion, she was transported to the veterinarian to have a few of minor injuries looked out. She received multiple cuts on her legs from the rocks that encircled the mountain, for which she was given antibiotics, but she was generally well.

The pair documented the entire rescue operation in a video that went viral on their Tik Tok account. People quickly filled the website with expressions of love and gratitude for the physicians’ brave and compassionate actions.

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